The “one-shot” starts from there, with the infusion of selected ingredients for each of our three types of Gin in extra neutral alcohol. Once this is done, we let the pre-gin mixture macerate for more than 18 hours. After the flavors of each ingredient have been incorporated into the mixture and a delicate oily note is obtained, the distillation begins.

We heat up the stills and the mixture starts to evaporate and make its way through our still. The vapors rise through the hat (Swan neck) in which its unique shape guarantees greater reflux and consequently greater quality to the final product, dragging all the essential oils from our botanical basket to the condenser. At the end of the process, the condensation of these vapors takes place, with which our “heart” is cut.

At each stage and each distillation cut, we manually check that the aromas and flavors are perfect as we wish.

The “heart” cut is then taken to the standardization tanks, where we only add demineralized water from our artesian well to reach the ideal alcohol content of each product. It is in the care taken with all the stages of this process that the essence of BEG Destilaria lives.

The "one-shot" is indeed a long process, and therefore increasingly rare, other distilleries prefer faster alternatives such as diluting the "heart" with more neutral alcohol, allowing a high gain in scale production, but at the expense of of the quality of the final product. BEG Distillery prefers to maintain the high standard of quality and deliver to its customers a genuinely handcrafted super premium product, knowing that each distillation and each bottle will be unique.