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BEG Gin's journey began in 2012, when four friends, united by their passion for spirits, decided to explore the world of spirits. This adventure marked the starting point for something truly special and pioneering in the country.

Throughout this journey, we have accumulated more than 60 medals, 9 of which were won in 2023 alone. We have won national and international awards, such as the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the World Gin Awards, which highlight the excellence of our products.

We know that a BEG product is easily recognizable due to its superior quality, exclusive design and the artisanal care with which it is produced. Our dedication to detail and use of cutting-edge distillation technology come together to create truly special drinks.

You know it's BEG just by holding it in your hand.

BEG Destilaria is located in the charming and bucolic district of Joaquim Egídio in Campinas-SP. An old listed headquarters of a coffee farm, built in the mid-19th century, completely revitalized by BEG with the aim of providing an unforgettable experience for our customers.

We are not like other distilleries At BEG Destilaria, our distillation is a meticulous process that guarantees the high quality of our gins. We start by handpicking the ingredients for each of our three types of Gin, infusing them with extra neutral alcohol. After maceration for more than 18 hours, we heat our stills. The mixture begins to evaporate, passing through our still, where a unique hat design maximizes quality. The vapors carry the essential oils of our botanicals, resulting in our “heart” cut, the tastiest part of the distillation. We manually check each step and cut toguarantee perfection. The “heart” is then mixed with demineralized water to achieve the ideal alcohol content.

This meticulous process allows us to offer genuinely handcrafted super premium gins, unique in every bottle.

At BEG Gin, we pay careful attention to the selection of botanicals that make up our products.

The British essence is meticulously recreated with juniper, coriander seed and angelica root, providing the dry character and fruity notes typical of a classic London Dry.

However, our passion for Brazil is manifested in exclusive botanicals, such as Pitangueira Leaves, which provide spicy and citrus notes, and Brazilian Elderberry, which contributes soft floral and sweet touches.

Further enriching the complexity of the macerated botanicals, Cardamom and Cinnamon are carefully incorporated.

Fresh leaves of Capim Santo, Tahiti Lemon peels, Mexerica and Lima Orange guarantee citrus and refreshing notes.

All of these botanicals are macerated in extra neutral alcohol for up to 24 hours, except for the citrus botanicals, which undergo steam infusion during distillation. This method guarantees precise extraction of aroma and flavor compounds, resulting in BEG Gin of exceptional quality.

Handcrafted é o termo utilizado para se referir à produções que priorizam um processo manual e personalizado. O resultado é um produto final exclusivo e de alta qualidade, com sabores e aromas mais distintos e refinados.

BEG Destilaria values ​​the humanized production of its products – each recipe is checked manually to guarantee the highest standards of flavor and quality. The ingredients are premium and the botanicals are carefully selected.

Our bottles are numbered, ensuring a reduced circulation, and bear the signature of our Master Distiller, delivering a truly artisanal premium gin.