In 2012, gin began to be made in a small copper still, by four friends who are passionate about the drink and curious to discover new distillation methods and botanicals. In 2015, the big leap took place: the foundation of a micro-distillery that began to produce a genuinely artisanal gin, which now delights all palates. This is where BEG Distillery was born.

If you are passionate about gin, how about getting to know the manufacturing process up close? There are several steps before reaching your glass and BEG Experience shows you how.

Experience a Master Distiller day by creating your own gin recipe and taking home your exclusive bottle.

The British essence of our gin is made up of juniper, coriander seed and angelica root, which together promote the dry flavor and provide the fruity notes of a classic English gin.

All botanicals are macerated in extra neutral grain alcohol for up to 24 hours before each batch, with the exception of citrus, which are steam infused only during distillation.

This process provides greater efficiency in the extraction of aroma and flavor compounds.